Intro heading with one-off Twind custom style applied via markdown-it-attrs

Using Twind we can write our markup using Tailwind CSS classes without having to install or configure Tailwind at all. (twind does support tw config syntax too :)

Twind monitors your markup and auto applies the correct CSS on the client side. No compiling, no postCSS garbage, no purge, no unused styles.

We can also do partial class construction in Vue/React/Alpine, etc. since we don't have to worry about compiling and purging.

:class="'bg-' + theme.color + '-500'"

This all happens client-side at blazing speed. Give it a try... inspect this page and add your own Tailwind or Twind custom syntax classes and see the results in realtime. Fast, simple, fun.


Twind comes with some pretty awesome features too. We can group "like" classes and variants to simplify our markup. We can also do one-offs (see heading above). Also, we can enjoy an auto dark mode without having to write any extra dark: classes (although we can override them if need be :)

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